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COVID-19 Conversations

Laurentian University's Science Communication COVID-19 Conversations campaign, Empathy week.


How is Animal Crossing Conducive to Science Learning?

Demonstration video explaining the free-choice science learning potential of the well-loved video game Animal Crossing.

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Nickel City SciComm Episode with Melissa Kay

Podcast episode interviewing Melissa Kay on her research on Sudbury Community Awareness of Antibiotic Resistance. 


What Happened to the Northern Cod?

Policy brief explaining the communication pathways and errors that led up to the Northern Cod Moratorium of 1992, Canada's largest single-day layoff in history. 


Demonstrating Accessible Instagram Design Principles

A critique and re-design of an infographic-like Instagram post by @intersectionalenvironmentalist to incorporate more accessible design principles.


Are Penises Shrinking?

Explainer video breaking down headlines that claim pollution is causing penises to shrink. 


The Circular Economy in Northern Ontario

Webinar presentation on the circular economy and what kinds of opportunities businesses in Northern Ontario could explore.  


Let's Roll: MDMA in the Animal Kingdom

Explainer article on scientific publication "A Conserved Role for Serotonergic Neurotransmission in Mediating Social Behaviour in Octopus".


Fun Science at Home

An informal long-form video guiding viewers through an easy and fun stay-at-home physics experiment.

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